One-Up Moto Garage is the answer to a question I asked myself 4 years ago when I finished college. Is there an avenue to express my motorcycle passion, uninhibited by the confines of a traditional day job? My moto-addiction traces back over a decade, when I was 16 and got my first ride. I had been having reoccurring dreams of riding a motorcycle before I’d ever sat on one, so it’s not a metaphor when I say my first ride was a dream come true. Initially I worked on a bike out of necessity due to lack of funds to purchase one that ran. The satisfaction of giving new life to a deceased machine laid the foundation of One-Up Moto, before the brand was even imagined. As time progressed, I found myself pushing each project to one up my current best. This drive lead to a dedicated early 20’s in the study of motorcycle improvement and design and I’ve remained a true shop-hermit to this day. If you like what we’re creating get in touch, let’s make some cool bikes.

Taylor Art Henschell
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